Our finalists for the Coventry Business Awards 2022

Retail Business of the Year

Etch & Pin

Etch & Pin is a business dedicated to championing the history and culture of Coventry, and introducing them to people in fun and interesting ways.The business’ first project was a range of pins themed around Coventry, to be released monthly. At first just a set of three, they proved so popular that Etch & Pin began releasing a new one each month. Etch & Pin has also released six books in the last two years - titles aimed at children that feature the history and culture of the city. With a portion of each sale going to local schools, charities and community groups, Etch and Pin is dedicated to supporting Coventry however it can.

UK Flooring Direct

Formed in 2015, UK Flooring is an online retailer that provides a range of more than 450 products to retail and trade customers. In the years since it was started, UK Flooring has achieved impressive growth. Since 2018, its team has grown from 80 to 200, with the business also opening a new 54,000 sq ft site in Coventry, alongside its headquarters in Hinckley. UK Flooring has also worked to put this growth to use in helping the community - sponsoring a range of sports teams, supporting food banks, and sitting on a local NSPCC board that raises money to help at-risk young people.

Joco Interiors

Founded in 2015, Joco Interiors Ltd is a business that sells interior decorations and gifts - and has been determined to succeed ever since it started. In the years since 2015, the business has managed to outgrow three separate properties - now residing in a three story building in Nuneaton. During the pandemic, owner Jo Williams found innovative ways to drive sales - holding Facebook lives each week and personally delivering local orders. The team at Joco Interiors are passionately dedicated to the work and each other - working to create an environment in which they and the business are always thriving.

Apprentice of the Year

Dan McDermott, Destination Coventry

Dan Joined Destination Coventry in 2021, while carrying out a level 4 marketing officer apprenticeship with Cambridge Marketing School. Before long, Dan had become an invaluable member of the team - creating outstanding video content and going above and beyond to use digital platforms to their fullest potential. Dan helped boost Destination Coventry’s digital engagement considerably - even developing a Youtube channel that has racked up millions of views within a year. Dan has also excelled in his apprenticeship, demonstrating exemplary dedication and passion for the work, and earning a slew of distinctions over the last two years.

Tilly England, The Wigley Group

Over the course of her apprenticeship, Tilly has shown herself to be ambitious, driven, and willing to go above and beyond to produce excellent work. Completing a marketing assistant apprenticeship with Wigley, Tilly has worked tirelessly to hone her skills and learn new ones - quickly becoming extremely capable and dependable. Tilly has taken on a variety of projects, including handling social media for Wigley’s charitable arm and organising several fundraising events. Tilly’s success in her role has made it possible for Wigley to stop relying on third party social media support - and she has even begun delivering training sessions to other team members.

Zara Sadler, Platinum Bathrooms

Working towards a city & guilds multi-skilled qualification, Zara has worked with Platinum Bathrooms since September of 2021. Taking her work seriously from day one, Zara volunteered with Platinum for several weekends before taking the apprentice role - to get a sense of the industry and ensure she was well-prepared. Zara has proved immensely capable, quickly moving beyond on-site training to work independently - taking part in more than a dozen renovation projects in the last year. Zara’s has demonstrated an outstanding enthusiasm and commitment throughout her time with Platinum - building her confidence and passing her first course with flying colours.

Green Business of the Year

Alscot Estate

Located south of Stratford upon Avon, Alscot is an estate that provides a variety of residential and commercial properties. Alscot Estate is dedicated to reaching net zero by 2050, and has undertaken projects to ensure it has a positive environmental impact. The estate has engaged in biodiversity offsetting, dedicating almost 50 acres to the creation of a thriving ecosystem that can offset the loss in biodiversity that results from property development elsewhere. Alscot Estate has also worked with schools and the local community to increase the understanding of climate change and the need for biodiversity.

Magnetar IT

Magentar IT works to help businesses make their IT services more efficient, and make technology a true asset. One of Magnetar’s key values is sustainability - working to have sustainability worked into all of its practices. A paperless business since the start, Magnetar encourages clients to switch to a paperless system as well - and also works with clients to properly recycle old IT equipment, to avoid it simply ending up in landfill. Magnetar also works with the reforestation charity One Tree Planted - donating to plant a tree every day of the month in locations around the world.

Purple Planet Packaging

Purple Planet Packaging produces sustainable food and drink packaging - and strives to make its operations more environmentally friendly. Purple Planet works with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the majority of its packaging is made from biodegradable material - and when it comes to disposal, Purple Planet collects that waste and takes it to be composted. Purple Planet then sells that compost to other businesses - with some instances where the same clients use Purple Planet packaging and the compost made from it. In this way Purple Planet works to make the supply chain more sustainable wherever it can.

Innovation in Cultural Sector Award

Coventry Biennial

Founded in 2017, Coventry Biennial was formed with the goal of addressing a lack of visual arts provision in Coventry. The organisation aims to provide opportunities for exhibitions, collaborations and initiatives - and give artists in Coventry the chance to realise ambitious, meaningful projects. One of Coventry Biennial’s most striking projects was We Bear - which was a remote project working with people in 25 different prisons, producing artworks inspired by folk art. Working with people in the UK and America, this project provided a chance for artistic expression to people often denied any such expression.

Culture Coventry Trust

The Culture Coventry Trust is an organisation that works to promote cultural growth in Coventry. The Coventry Banner Project was an initiative facilitated by the trust, which encouraged communities to create textile art - expressing their thoughts and feelings and personal messages through a visual medium. Through the Banner Project, more than 46 sessions were delivered that engaged with 649 participants - and saw the creation of more than 281 textile banners to be displayed in public. Seeing collaboration between 49 community groups, the Coventry Banner Project was an invaluable opportunity for people to share their stories.

Etch & Pin

Etch and pin is a business that manufactures products designed to help highlight and educate people about Coventry’s history. The business began with the launch of a monthly range of pins that started out as a set of three - before becoming so popular that Etch and Pin began releasing a new badge each month. In the last two years the business has also released six childrens’ books centred around Coventry. Etch and Pin also works to support the community, with a portion of each product’s sale going to local schools, community groups and charities.

International Trade and Export Award


Carveco is a business that provides software to design and manufacture companies. Providing software for companies making greeting cards, movie props, automotive parts and more, Carveco carries out a large amount of business with businesses in other countries - with 94% of its business taking place internationally. Despite its international presence, Carveco has continued to invest in its Warwickshire base - while also building up its overseas team. As a result of this investment and dedication, Carveco was able to increase its international sales by 66% over the last year.

3P Innovation

Based in Warwick, 3p Innovation is an employee-owned engineering and process automation company. In the last few years, 3p has demonstrated impressive growth - going from a team of 50 to 75 since 2018, investing in a new sustainable, 30,000 sq ft purpose built premises in Warwick, and almost doubling turnover from 2018-2022. 3p is committed to expanding with a dedicated international business strategy - targeting markets in the UK, USA, Japan, India and more, between 2017 and 2020 40% of 3p’s new clients were international.


Founded in 1963, Mirius is a company that provides cleaning products solutions for the retail, healthcare and professional industries on an international scale. Operating in more than 80 countries across the globe, Mirius also has a healthcare biosecurity division - which provides the agriculture, food and medical industries with healthcare solutions. To succeed in international markets, Mirius works to build strong relationships with distributors and customers that can really benefit from its services - working to truly understand potential markets while building the strength of its brand internationally.

New Business of the Year

Coventry Rocks

Coventry Rocks is a website aimed at helping families discover attractions and activities around Coventry. Started by local mum of two, Jess McLish, the website has information on local attractions, days out, family friendly events, baby groups, outdoor spaces and more - and provides an easy to use interface to make finding things a snap. Since launching in 2019, Coventry Rocks has received an extremely positive response - having been visited by almost 600,000 individual users, with almost 260,000 in 2021 alone - and amassing 9000 followers on social media.

Destination Coventry

Founded in 2021, Destination Coventry is a business dedicated to developing and promoting Coventry’s tourism and hospitality sector. As a membership organisation, Destination Coventry collaborates with members from the hotel, restaurant, supply and production, and tourist attraction industries - working on diverse projects such as increasing Coventry’s profile, managing the Coventry and Warwickshire convention bureau, creating visitor information centres, and supporting tourism and hospitality businesses. Since December of 2021, Destination Coventry has brought 73 members on board - continually collaborating with them to bring out Coventry’s full potential for success.

Newton LDP

Newton LDP Ltd is a land development and property business, that provides advice to clients including developers, charities, trusts and landowners. Newton was founded in 2021 by Richard Foxon and Piers Beeton, both with years of experience in the property industry behind them. Backed by this expertise, Newton has demonstrated impressive growth over the last year - with its team of 16 having already advised on the sale and purchase of almost 650 acres of land, and planning permission for more than 3400 new homes.

Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya Award for Manufacturer of the Year

Nuneaton Signs

Founded in 1982, Nuneaton manufactures and provides signs for a wide range of different uses. As an employer, Nuneaton strives to create a truly inclusive workplace - in particular focusing on providing employment and training opportunities to people with disabilities. Currently 70% of Nuneaton’s employees have a disability - and the growth that it has achieved in recent years has made it possible to provide more opportunities to people who would usually struggle with employment. Nuneaton works to place these principles at the forefront of everything it does, and produce a meaningful positive impact in the process.


Technoset is a precision engineering business that specialises in the manufacture of machine components. During the pandemic, Technoset took the opportunity to rethink its operations and examine ways of becoming more effective and efficient. The business carried out significant investment to improve its capabilities - investing in new machinery and the development of digital systems and an automation system in the Technoset factory. Technoset also invested in skills vital to its work, taking on 4 apprentices and running graduate placements - to help cultivate the knowledge and skills that will be needed to help the business thrive in future.

Safetyflex Barriers

Safety Flex is a business that manufactures crash-rated bollards, gates, fencing and barriers to clients around the world. Safety Flex is constantly innovating and improving on its products, to ensure that they can meet the needs of the future. After two years in research and development, the business recently unveiled its new concrete surface-mounted barriers - capable of providing protection without ground fixings, on a permanent or temporary basis. This year alone, Safety Flex invested £300,000 in its machinery, to ensure that it could produce high quality products for increasing demand.


Amtico is a business that has been manufacturing luxury vinyl tiling since 1964. With decades of experience, Amtico provides flooring to customers in more than 130 countries across the world - with manufacturing based in the UK. Amtico is dedicated to being a business that helps the environment and the community - the business currently sends no waste to landfill, with all waste products being recycled, and has already offset its scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions. Amtico also partners with and supports local charities, including The Coventry Caribbean Association, the Coventry Ramgarhia Gurdwara, and Coventry & North Warwickshire Sports Club.

Professional Services Firm of the Year


With two offices in Coventry and Leamington Spa, HB&O is an accountancy company that works with businesses to properly understand their needs, and develop solutions that work for them. Providing a wide range of accounting and growth services, HB&O prides itself on going above and beyond to support its clients - with 90% of its business coming from referrals. HB&O also works to support employees - with a range of training programmes designed to help team members build on their existing skills and develop new ones.

Magnetar IT

Since 2019, Magentar IT has been dedicated to providing businesses with the expertise and support they need to get the most out of their IT services. Magnetar works to go beyond tech and form strong relationships with its clients - prioritising clear communication so that Magnetar can meet a business’ needs as much as possible. Magnetar also operates on a principle of continuous improvement for the business and members of the team - providing support and regular check-ins to ensure employees are fulfilled and meeting their goals, while also endeavouring to make sure the business is meeting the needs of employees properly.

Sachdevs Chartered Accountants

Since 1972, Sachdevs Chartered Accountants has strived to provide businesses with exceptional financial services - with an approach that seeks to make the most of modern technology and forward thinking. With clients ranging from local businesses to national companies, Sachdevs uses a cloud based service that allows it to oversee a client’s finances from anywhere in the world - providing accurate, real time data and insights. Sachdevs also works to keep employees on the cutting edge - providing training opportunities that help them remain up to date with trends, and capable of providing the perfect advice.

Property and Construction Business of the Year

Bromwich Hardy

Bromwich Hardy LLP is a commercial property agency that works with clients across the UK to provide expertise on all aspects of the commercial property market. The business is also dedicated to supporting the community of Coventry, and preserving its historical architecture. Bromwich Hardy sponsors a variety of organisations including Coventry Rugby Club, Cardiff Met netball club and Coventry Alvis Football Club. It also refurbished the Coventry Telegraph offices into a hotel in time for the 2021 City of Culture celebrations - and works with the Historic Coventry Trust to maintain several iconic properties - including City Gates, the London Road Chapel, and Draper’s music hall.

Deeley Group

A family owned construction and development company for 85 years, Deeley Group is a business that places its core principles at the heart of everything it does. The business is dedicated to providing opportunities to young people - with 12% of its employees being apprentices, graduates and trainees - and also runs a work experience programme to encourage young people to enter construction. Deeley Group has also worked to undertake projects that will benefit the community - working on care facility developments that led to an increase of 168 care home beds and 275 extra care units, and embarking on several projects to build affordable housing.

Aben Interiors & Projects

Aben Interiors & Projects was started with the goal of producing high-quality accommodation to people just out of university. Today, the business provides Aben-designed HMO’s alongside interior design and project-coordination services. Aben works to ensure that its properties are spacious, well-designed, and well-maintained - believing that a landlord’s responsibility is to take proper care of their properties. Aben also works with clients to help them design their ideal property - providing help at every stage of the build, and ensuring a home is perfect for both landlords and tenants.

Third Sector Organisation of the Year

Clothing Coventry

Clothing Coventry is a charity set up during the pandemic, designed to support people in need of clothing. Alongside its regular clothing options, Clothing Coventry provides a uniform bank for families struggling to purchase school uniforms - and a prom bank, where young people can find clothes, accessories and makeup to ease the cost of a prom. The charity also operates a network of clothes rails, where people can go and pick out clothing for themselves. Clothing Coventry has continued beyond covid, distributing 50,000 items of clothing in 2022 alone, and helping 750 people with individual clothes parcels.

Coventry City of Culture Trust

The trust was formed as part of Coventry’s bid to become the UK’s City of Culture - and it has engaged in a range of activities to support and promote Coventry’s cultural sector. When the pandemic hit, the trust set up a Covid grant programme, funding remote options for community engagement initiatives and providing cultural organisations with emergency funds. The trust also worked on major events designed to bring visitors to the city - including the opening of the immersive digital art gallery The Reel Store, the return of the Assembly Festival Garden, and the Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Coventry Foodbank

Started in 2011, Coventry Foodbank is an organisation dedicated to helping people who cannot access the food they need. Starting in a 400 sq ft room in the city centre, the foodbank has since moved to a 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Binley. From the warehouse, food and supplies are packaged and sent out to 14 food banks around the city - helping those who need it most. The food bank has just six full time employees, but more than 300 dedicated volunteers - who over the years have helped provide more than 93,000 emergency food parcels.

Small Business of the Year


Started in 2019, ActionCOACH provides business coaching designed to help clients grow and transform their businesses. The team at ActionCOACH has demonstrated an unfailing ambition and desire to succeed. When the pandemic hit, ActionCOACH refused to stay still - gifting free coaching sessions to 753 business owners around Coventry, ActionCOACH worked to help these businesses overcome a difficult time while also raising its own profile, and proving the worth of its services. This dedication and adaptability has helped ActionCOACH see significant growth - growing to a team of 7 in just 3 years, and helping Coventry’s business community along the way.


Based in Nuneaton, Eskuta is a business that designs and manufactures electric vehicles for use by the e-cargo and consumer markets. Working with big brands and independent retailers across the UK, Eskuta works to provide vehicles that are high quality, sleek and sustainable. Eskuta has seen impressive growth in the last few years - growing to a team of 14 and building a network of resellers and dealers across the UK - with plans to expand into Europe as well. The business has also expanded into new industries, forming partnerships with holiday parks like Haven, and businesses such as Halfords.

Feraru Dynamics

Feraru Dynamics was formed with the goal of improving vibration measurement technology - and enhancing the safety of workers in the process. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is caused by overexposure to vibrating tools - and can cause significant pain and health risks. Feraru developed the HAV-Sentry - a glove that measures vibrations and provides in-depth data alongside real-time alerts designed to prevent overuse and damage. Feraru’s innovation has helped it achieve significant success - boosting turnover by 400%, but also influencing government guidance and regulations, and making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of at-risk tool operators.


iSTORM is a privacy and data security business that works to help clients operate in safety and with peace of mind. Committed to growth, iSTORM also works to provide a working environment that is encouraging, supportive and truly inclusive. The business also works to help employees continually develop and improve their skills - with more than 25% of the workforce taking part in an apprenticeship, and personal development plans drawn up for every member of the team. This commitment has helped iSTORM grow significantly over the last year - going from a team of 7 to a team of 18, and building its reputation in the industry.

The Learn2 Group

Founded in 2007, The Learn2 Group provides courses on a range of subjects, from food safety and hygiene, to trauma prevention, education first aid and more. The Learn2Group works to meet the needs of each student, and provides learning that enriches the people on its courses. The business has grown in recent years - opening its own learning centre in 2021. Despite only having 1 full time employee, the Learn2Group has undertaken a range of important projects - including the delivery of first aid courses for Warwickshire County Council, and suicide first aid courses for West Midlands Ambulance Service.